Protection for your Java applications

What is AAL?

AAL is a service for you to protect your standalone Java applications. It also includes a license mangagement system.

Our Protection

We have several ways of protecting your application:

HWID Protection:

With HWID Protection your app will only run on one PC of your customers.
You have complete control about the HWID Protection, you can reset the HWID Lock of one of your customers
letting him run the app on a new PC or you can turn it off completely

Memory Injection:

Memory Injection is our unique protection method. It loads the class files of your Java application
into the RAM of your customers PC, so crackers have a hard time getting your bytecode.
You propably want to say that you could just simply dump the memory of the process and
extract the bytecode from it, but we have a unique technique to prevent this from happening

How it works:

Adding Applications:

Adding your Application in pretty straight forward, just get your balance charged up to at least 10€ and
press the "Create Application" link in our panel. After you did that you will be presented our management panel.
Here you can set the name, version, main class and main method of your application. Furthermore you can toggle
the HWID Protection on and off, upload updates of your application and manage your dependencies.
You can also manage your Plan (how many users you can have), extend your application's AAL subscription
and which users have access to your app.

Adding Dependencies/Libraries:

Adding a dependency is just as simple as creating your app, simply press the "Add dependency" button in your panel.
You will be presented a dialog where you must enter a name for your dependency (which must be unique),
choose whether or not your user can keep the file on his hard drive (for faster launching), choose
whether or not the dependency is a zip file with natives (these will be kept on your users hard disk)
and finally select a file (must be a zip/jar) which you want to upload.

Launching your application:

This step is even simpler then the others, just go on the main page and press "Download"
This will download our auto-updater which might be falsely detected by your anti virus (since this downloads
and runs a file without asking you). Simply run it and it will download the latest version of AAL and install it.
When its done installing you will see a launcher where you have to login with your AAL account and select a application
That's it, the selected application will now launch.

Things to note


We provide support for your customers in case they are having troubles with our launcher.


We do not obfuscate your application, since we cannot know what obfuscation will break in it


The core of AAL is an command line application, launched by a service and controlled using a DLL, this means you can simply replace the GUI of our launcher with your own.
For more info see here

Planned Features

- Analytics